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The descent plate is divided into two stages set

Date:2015-4-9 16:06

(13 seconds at the beginning and have BASLOGO) CC-311G and CC-326G can at the same time high-speed sewing, sewing a complete stitch beautiful symbol data requirements. Adopts high rigidity servo system feed mechanism, sewing precision high, it does not produce a pattern deviation. High resolution of 0.05mm per pulse feed, can sew beautiful appearance of curves and diagonal lines. You can set the program presser foot lift amount, so when the sewing, even if the thickness of the fabric has changed, but also prevents the intermittent presser foot too high or too low, in order to achieve consistent sewn up and down the tension. CC-311G and CC-326G ultra-company unique direct drive motors, sewing in high speed 2,700rpm. Start / Stop responsive, actual work time by about 19%, production efficiency has been further improved. Small energy-efficient motors and equipment, so that power consumption compared with conventional models cut by about 50%, power bottom, affordable. In addition, we are using a powerful motor that can produce larger needle penetration force, and effectively carry out thick material sewing. CC-311G and CC-326G without the use of tools to set foot vertical rise on the operation panel, and can select the appropriate presser down operating from three modes. Two-step drop quickly and accurately locate sewing, thus saving the total cycle time. Step decline is rapid lowering operation, suitable for positioning without presser foot sewing products. Analog decline is the use of fine-tuning ways to reduce the presser foot. CC-311G and CC-326G using the program editor, in a large color LCD upper side made sure of the shape of sewing data, image and overall view of the sewing data copy, move, so the data is easy to manage . When sewing data compiled using a computer, use the PS-300B software, can easily prepare complex data, confirm the order and change the sewing operation is also very simple. CC-311G and CC-326G is equipped with large-capacity memory, it can store up to 512 programs. In order to smoothly handle large amounts of data, using flash cards to accelerate read and write speeds (CF). CC-311G and CC-326G is direct driven program type computer floral machine, at high speed, sew beautiful stitches. While ensuring energy efficiency, but also improve production efficiency, dedication to high-quality sewing products.

    CC-342G is directly driven program type computer floral machines, sewing patterns may be within the lateral 300mm, 200mm longitudinal sewing range. Suitable for sports shoes, handbags, jeans and other parts of sewing and sewing patterns. The first feature CC-342G is beautiful stitch sewing. As a result of the strength of high rigidity servo control feed mechanism, needle drop position accuracy, can be beautiful parallel lines sewing and sewing patterns. It can be beautiful, smooth manner slash curve sewing. This is because the decomposition of the data, so that the feed rate control in each pulse only 0.05mm sake. In addition, the face of the fabric thickness change in the pattern of sewing, since the intermittent presser foot height setting can be used, and therefore can get a balanced take-effects. CC-342G second is characterized by high productivity. The maximum sewing speed of 2,700 revolutions per minute, and when the sewing pattern of 3.5mm pitch under common condition, but also to achieve the maximum sewing speed of 2,700 revolutions per minute. In addition, since the ultra-company self-developed direct-drive motor, start and stop very quickly, compared with the old machines, sewing time can save about 28%. The needle penetration is CC-342G third feature because of the increased power of the motor, even at low speed sewing machine needle still has a strong penetration, can easily cope with thick material sewing. CC-342G improve the sewing speed and increase the penetration of the needle while, but cut 15% of energy consumption, both power and economy. CC-342G's operating performance is also very advantageous. The descent plate is divided into two phases is set, it will stop in the middle of the plate height and fast, accurate positioning. Of course, when the positioning is not required, it may be disposable rapid decline platen. The production of CC-342G sewing data, use the programming machine, use a clear and easy to see on the big screen color LCD display, you can confirm that while the shape of the sewing pattern for the preparation side. In addition, the use of computer-generated sewing data, use the PS-300B software, can prepare complex sewing pattern data easily. Change and confirm the sewing data is also very convenient. You can sew beautiful stitches direct drive type computer floral program CC-342G machine at high speed. In energy savings, while ensuring the high quality and efficiency of sewing.

The world's fastest computer knotting machine, which is CC-430D. Maximum speed up to 3,200rpm, the whole cycle sewing machine shorter time than the traditional 27%. CC-430D presser foot lift amount can be set in two stages, so easy to locate, shorten time combination of sewn products. Presser foot lift amount is set without the use of tools to make all kinds of sewn products at the best sewing presser foot height can also be set separately presser foot lift amount for each program. CC-430D operation even at high deformation pattern does not occur, according to faithfully carry out the sewing data. Available for low-tension fabric sewn in a wide range of thin, knitwear and so on. Because the needle penetration of the motor, in addition to jeans belt loop knot behind center, it can easily sewn denim 16 layers. At the start of sewing thread clamp mechanism surface can effectively catch the upper thread. Preventing the needle off the line, nest and noodles offset phenomenon. Moreover, the residual amount of thread after thread trimming is the shortest in the industry, does not require a thread trimming process. Because the needle bar oil way, the needle bar, thread take around does not use oil, so no need to worry about oil, can be cleaned sewing. CC-430D is on the market with minimal power consumption computer knotting machine. Preparation of a good program, you can simply append operation by the display panel. Large sewing area, can correspond to a variety of tricks sewing. The noise and vibration control to a minimum, so that the operator is not easy to feel tired. Because it is high-quality, high-efficiency electronic knotting CC-430D, please be sure to choose it on your tie processes.

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