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Job Title
Post Electrical& Mechanical Engineer Recruiting Number: 2 Educational Requirements: Bachelor Degree Gender: Male
Responsibilities and Qualifications:

Major of machinery, Bachelor degree or above, good communication skill and management ability;


More than three years of experience in mechanical design;


Proficient in CAD and 3D graphic software, and a general knowledge of electrics;


Have team spirit, active work style and stronger job responsibility;


Take charge of technical guide and staff training on engineering technologies of all projects;

Post: Mechanical Technician Recruiting Number: 5 Educational Requirements : Technical Secondary School Gender: Male
Responsibilities and Qualifications:
1. 2More than two years of related experience;
2. Familiar with theory and structure of machinery, operation of measuring instruments and tools, as well as all kinds of safe codes;
3. Earnest, rigorous and careful work style, good team spirit and communication skill, excellent learning ability